New Year's message 2024  |  December 17h, 2023  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English

New Year's message 2024

Dear all together,

A very turbulent year awaits, but you are used to it. All kinds of statistics, all kinds of plannings could be messed up, and some people will slide through everything effortlessly. So, it doesn't apply to everyone, but chaos all around.

What is war? Last year we talked about the Tower of Babel. Talk, talk, talk and talk. And no one listened to each other. Look what's going on. Many companies are going out of business because there is a lot of talking but no listening. Many regimes falter because it is no longer based on the will of the people, but on the will of power. So, it is not only war between countries, between beliefs, but also between climates; too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet. Ocean currents change, but humans still think in statistics. Old currents, air currents will change causing birds to follow a different trajectory but that was not calculated in the old statistics.

In no country on Earth do only original inhabitants live. It is a mixture of races and personalities. The Dutch have also gone all over the world to start a new life there. So, everything is going to mix. Animals too. They come on cargo ships, on planes and take a holiday trip to a country they would normally never go to. "Hey! It's fun here. I'll stay here!". So there will be other races, other plants, that will mix and create new species.

Look at the last few years. There was a pandemic. The intention was to wake the people up. Nothing further from the truth. "Just keep going, it was and it's over". The bird flu, a year and a half. "So what?". It's not over yet. All large masses are affected by fungi, by viruses, by bacteria. The good news is that what you as humans call garbage is going to be ingeniously cleaned up by new systems in the oceans. Microcells that live on plastic, animal species that adapt to human behaviour. Great things are happening. If you dare to observe that; that you as a human being are alive, at this moment, to be able to see it, then it is a very, very fascinating time.

We would recommend you - it has been some time already - but in the last book (Het oergeheugen van de aarde, The primordial memory of the earth) there are indications of the new time between the lines. Ancient knowledge becomes reusable. Mass knowledge is undermined, punished. Unfortunately, more and more chains, which are only based on the pursuit of profit, will close down. And the climate is doing crazy things. An advantage for some, a disadvantage for others. Go with the flow!

And if there are hypes in the news, we advise you: if it touches you, shift your attention. It is marketing to take your thinking into a direction. Don't join the herd. Shift your attention and you will see, you will still hear it but it will no longer touch you as much.

So much misery happens and the greater the misery, the more it is portrayed. It is as if there is only misery. But dear people, so many beautiful things are happening. Focus on real friendships, new friendships. Human contacts, contacts with animals, contacts with plants. There is so much you can pull yourself up to.

Don't believe that there is only crisis. It is a word that is so easily used. No, each of you here lives in prosperity, in great prosperity and in freedom. Did you deserve that? No. Be grateful that you get to experience it. Others have acquired that for you. It's been thrown into your lap. So, you cannot derive any rights from it. The more people start demanding rights for themselves, while living in freedom and neglecting the duties that come with it, the greater the threat of losing freedom. Be aware of that – you have rights and duties, but not only rights – because that can cause great, very great chaos. Anarchy. Who's still in charge? What are the rules? What are the laws? What are the manners? How do we still treat each other normally? Practice in a small circle with your friends and realize that it still exists. That there are a lot of genuinely friendly, nice people, but sometimes you would forget that and become downhearted.

A lot of fear has been put into your head. Believe in freedom within yourself, that you live your life which is meant to be lived because you are experiencing it and when certain limitations are finalized, then you will slide into a new phase and then those limitations will melt away by themselves. The only one who will have to get used to that is you. If you have been used to walking against the wind for a long time, your whole body has fused to it. If you suddenly get a tailwind, you are completely out of balance. Then shift your focus. Find your new balance by shifting the focus and not continuing to think in the old patterns.

We wish you the wind in your sails for 2024 on your way to the new era.

New Year's message 2024  |  December 17h, 2023  |  Oth - Ellen Rauh - in English


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