Evacuation wave - corona - power places will go in isolation as well  |  March 22nd 2020  |  Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

Evacuation wave

The virus is neutral and the caravan is available for anyone leaving Earth during this period of time

Seen from the universe, a huge visible evacuation wave of people leaving Earth appears, a huge caravan of creatures that distance themselves from planet Earth.

People are always impressed when it comes to big numbers: big mass-protests, people joining together, for reasons of a hype, for reasons of the climate; this is a reflection by the universe. Very many people can join this caravan to leave Earth – irrespective of religion or race – irrespective of the reason or cause whereby you are leaving Earth, anyone can join. A human being on Earth has one certainty which is he/she will leave Earth one day, sooner or later. You can go to Mars but your life as a human being will end sooner or later.

All those people who are leaving Earth, mark a timeline on Earth. It will be a timeline that will be rooted in the consciousness of mankind for a very long time. It’s only not possible to erect a statue for these people with names on it, as usually happens after disasters. Many people will join the sea of people anonymously to leave Earth. Let go why. Let go why a beloved one wishes to join this caravan. Support them with a farewell, a dear farewell, a dear good-bye and know there is a caravan for them they can join. They don’t need to travel alone. Help is everywhere around. Road signs are everywhere and it will be coordinated smoothly, be sure about this. So we would say: feel the enormous appreciation for all those people marking a timeline. They all belong to this period of time.

The word ‘corona’ is not applicable to everyone. But what does it matter if you’re leaving Earth with the label ‘corona’ or because help arrived too late or that humanitarian help was just not available at that moment? Many people are victims of this event – not only because they are labelled with ‘corona’.  The virus is neutral and the caravan is available for anyone leaving Earth during this period of time.

Feel the commitment, the support, for all those people who are leaving Earth for whatever reason and in whatever way. This way a detoxification of hate, grudge and prejudices on Earth can take place.

Power places will go in isolation as well

As many of you know and like we have often reported, a redistribution of magnetic fields in and around Earth have being going on for quite some time. Five hot spots – power places – will always be there where you can connect with universal energy more easily. Seven hot spots – power places – will always be there where you can connect with Earth-energy, with Earth’s consciousness, more easily. All these power places will be cleansed and recharged. Let go of what a power place once was, let go why. Know that planet Earth is resetting itself too. New or remaining power places will go into isolation as well and are able to settle down and to reset themselves that way, are able to go to sleep or wake-up without the presence or power of thoughts of people.

New reality

Know that this is a major event which is important for the new time phase where Earth will enter. It’s a major event in every way, not only for the people who are leaving Earth. That’s why it’s impossible to make an estimation of the consequences. to those who are allowed to and want to the consequences will become clear over time.

Everyone who will stay behind on Earth will contribute in his or her way to visualise the new reality by supporting a movement or by opposing a certain movement. There will be a new boundary to solidarity, a new boundary to like-minded people – not only based on race, not only based on religion, not only based on a now existing dictatorship. The hierarchy will be shaken up and new balances of power and a new interhuman cooperation will arise automatically; a new globalization and a new boundary.

We wish everyone who will stay behind on Earth peace and tranquillity to find his or her new place in the new reality. And we wish everyone who will need to let go of a beloved one, peace and comfort.

Feel the great love and support of us all.

Evacuation wave - corona - power places will go in isolation as well  |  March 22nd 2020  |  Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh


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