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Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

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New Year's message 2014-2015
Oth-channeling by Ellen Rauh

December 14, 2014, The Netherlands
in English - Nederlands

The 15th New Year’s Message

The 15th New Year’s Message from the universe through Ellen. The message is put into words so people can understand it. This message is translated so people can understand it. At the same time the message also consists of an energetic language that cannot be heard through physical ears but is through subtle hearing organs humans have too. But everything that does not have a human form and lacks human senses, understands this message as well. Today we will talk about Universal laws and Earthly laws.

Universal laws and Earthly laws

Because you as humans live on Earth, you are bound and connected to Earthly laws. But since you also consist of subtle energies, you are also connected to, what we might call, Universal laws. Cosmic laws, Universal laws, these words are only needed to emphasize the laws outside Earth that influence you, Earth and Nature.

As you can see there are very many hot spots on Earth at this moment, there is a lot of discontent, much turmoil and a quite a lot of frustration about laws humans have thought up, religions have thought up. Much injustice and oppression is the result of laws and rules humans have made up. And more and more people are protesting against these laws and rules humans have made up. So, mankind is revolting against itself, that’s how you can look at it. More and more discontent because of laws and rules giving people the impression that they are not heard, that they don’t matter, that they are so there can be laws. But laws are not to serve them and dissatisfaction arises. People need this dissatisfaction for renewal. Because you will not change something right. Because of the huge frustration, a call for renewal is triggered from the inside, from deep within the masses. There is going to be a revolution at many fronts at the same time. To which group do you belong in fact? It’s hard to choose because should you choose for the one group, because you agree with some points, you become a rival or an adversary of the other group, though you do agree with some of their points as well. How do you choose? People are getting more and more sick and tired of making choices. They do not want to choose for a certain group and they do not want to be part of anything. And yet you have to connect to be a bigger opponent during times of revolution. And look around you what is happening. Opponents join hands for a new threat. Groups of people, who usually are arch enemies, combine forces because a third opponent can only be beaten by cooperating. If you look from that angle to Earth what is going on there, you should in fact be happy.

Last year we talked about hot spots expanding and this took place and is still happening: hotbeds that attract like-minded individuals to become bigger hotbeds, so hotbeds become noticeable. The consequence is that arch enemies unite. Ancient feuds have to be forgotten, so to speak, in order to battle shoulder to shoulder. This all to stand up against frustrations, feuds and misunderstandings that arose by the laws and rules humans have thought up. Bordered countries do no longer exist. Once wars were about conquering land but now wars are about idealism, to maintain certain norms and values at all costs.

2015 will be a year of great change. For quite some time there has been a wave: the bigger the networks, the more influence there was. And when you look closely enough, the biggest revolt will happen at multinationals and at very large companies. Their main influence will decrease and individual ideas, individual projects will take over. People do not want to be part to anything they do not recognize. Because the biggest power is the power you don’t recognize because they are not exercised by people but by fictional ideas or by fictional companies. The biggest oppressors can’t be drilled down to actual people but only to companies having very large influence. How can one protect oneself against that? How can you connect to other people in order not to become a victim of people you don’t even know?

A lot is going on about eavesdropping scandals. What about privacy? Is there still something as privacy? There are many laws on privacy and there are many laws on freedom of speech and to be yourself. What about that? Can you still be yourself? Is there something as a personal life? Is there something as a choice not to spread your ideas? Is there something as to keep something safe?

We can tell you that this is wishful thinking, it’s naïve to think an idea is yours. An idea is energy, so everybody’s. There is freedom to use an idea in many ways. It could very well be that patents are outdated. The more you like to keep something secret, the more spectacular it will be when it hits the media when found out. What’s the power of media? The power is that an idea is spread immediately to just anyone. This will turn into a wave of reactions by strangers.

How do you defend yourself against the unknown? Once people believed that if they believe in Gods or Divinities, or whichever names were made up, that that God or that symbol or Divinity saw everything. The All-seeing eye, the All-knowing, the All. If you believe in the All, if you believe in the All-knowing, which is nothing but the All without polarity, without an opinion, why would you still need to hide something? If the All is the only one who knows, then the All will not judge you, not condemn but assess you.

The new age will be one of people who will seek more and more their unique selves in the big picture, who will unite with other people, who will break loose from limiting rules and will build small communities themselves to further build small ideals. People have become slaves of systems. People have become slaves of compensations. People have become slaves of large companies that decide whether or not can or must be intervened.

So the biggest revolution will be people taking matters in their own hands and develop new ideas in small scale based upon respect for each other. It’s not about big names any more, it’s not about master degrees, it’s about human qualities and naturally knowledge and skills will still play a part, only a diploma any longer needed; what does a diploma mean anyway? Very little. It will be more about the total person. You’ll understand this will result in a massive landslide in all institutional forms that currently only exist to serve the people; well that’s how it’s sold. But many have become slaves of these systems. A new form of slavery has arisen and people are going to free themselves, will break the chains and will choose more and more for diversity and unity. It does not have to be the same anymore. Originality and uniqueness will prevail over greatness. So many forms of gatherings, many forms of cooperation, will arise and the foundations of institutes will slowly but surely collapse and dissipate like soap bubbles because of that.

The great love from the Universe - and those are thus the Universal laws – is that plan B, C, D, E, F, …. are introduced. Through cosmic laws many ideas are already forming slowly but surely. Ideas are subjected to cosmic laws. Ideas do not come from Earth. Ideas come from the Universe, from the invisible, received by your brain and slowly but surely transformed into an idea. That idea wants to show itself on Earth. The moment an idea can be or is allowed to surface it has to bind itself to Earthly opportunities and Earthy laws. Do join brainstorm sessions with like-minded people. Let it be
exciting, creative evenings or afternoons exchanging ideas. Try to avoid an idea is owned by someone. Allow for an idea to service a big part of mankind or Earth.


If everyone were to ask themselves individually:

Am I personally serving Earth?
Am I personally serving manking?
And am I personally serving the Universe?

If people would spend more time thinking what they themselves have to offer, they would have less time to talk about what someone else does not do. That would be a big turn-around. Instead of criticizing what people do not do, criticizing what governments, managements, boards do not do - instead of that you could ask yourself:

Is my personal life, as small as it is, contributing something?
Am I myself contributing something, as small as that contribution might be?

We would like to ask all of you:

Serve the Earth, serve society with a personal initiative of yourself
What do you have to offer Earth?
What do you have to offer mankind?
What do you have to offer the Universe?

Then we end up in an completely different world. Because how could you know if you’re serving the Universe and Cosmos, if you do not know how to serve it in the first place? You might think you’re serving the Universe while, in fact, you’re hindering the Universe. This is a complicated matter. So, the only thing you can do, is to connect in your unique way with that you consider the Universe. The belief can be a fantastic gateway to the Universe and some people have different names for that. But connect in your unique way to the Universe and ask yourself: What do I have to offer? What can I do? Do you really want to know the answer?

One thing is certain, the Universe will hand ideas and some of them are practically not executable. If these ideas are practically not executable, they are thus ideas that can’t bind themselves with Earthly laws; but even then they can serve the Universe. The misconception will be that people will use ideas meant for the Universe to serve Earth. Neither benefit from that. It would be great if people can tell the difference: With what do I serve the Universe and with what do I serve Earth? Because you’re both. This would prevent a lot of frustration. You’re allowed to use ideas belonging to the Universe to realize your ideals, to fantasize and to immediately return it to the Universe. This means you won’t get feedback from Earth, you won’t get feedback from people or Nature. But that does not mean your serving has failed. You expected feedback from the opposite direction. The feedback you will get back will come from the Universe. And if you’re serving Earth, the feedback will come from Earth. It will make a big difference if people realize they are both. Expect support from the Universe when you’re serving the Universe and expect support from Earth when you’re serving Earth. This will cause a huge difference in your life. You accept you’re both. You accept that you’re powerless on both fronts and you accept on both fronts you’re privileged and can become rich by exchanging and serving it.

Lust for life

Are we serving Earth and the Universe the most by doing things we enjoy most?

We are very pleased with this question and the answer is a thousandfold ‘yes’! By doing thing you enjoy most, you feed what you do with a sparkling energy. Sparkling energy equals lust for life. Lust for life is bound to life on Earth. So you bring joy to life on Earth. Soul energy is sparkling by nature, because it’s always refreshing. Bringing this refreshing energy to earthly levels should consequently result in lust for life. When people do what makes them happy, they serve Earth with lust for life and they spread lust for life. Earth, mankind, Nature reflects this lust for life back up. So, the more people can live in harmony and joy, the bigger the field of lust for life around the Earth will become. This energy emits further down the Universe in return. But even more importantly, the field around the Earth, which fills itself with lust for life, attracts magnetically ideas from the Universe that make people happy. So the Universe serves Earth in return and visa versa. Because each and everyone of you are both. Happiness and lust for life on Earth is lust for life in the Universe.

People who do not experience lust for life in life on Earth, will often experience this when they cross over. People who were present at people crossing over and leaving Earth, are quite often surprised by the peace and joy this person then emits. This person is thus reconnected with his or her source that was rarely heavy. If it’s experienced as heavy, this basically means that the etheric body, the soul of the body, still has to travel a great distance towards the light of the All. Light is not only the All, light is also the opposite of heavy. If many people experience life on Earth as heavy, they will long for leaving Earth to be back in the light again. That is another side. But if you leave Earth with the remembrance that Earth was heavy, you will first need to travel a very long distance before you have freed yourself from Earth in the Universe, from the heaviness of Earth. So if you want to leave Earth effortlessly in harmony and joy, it’s important to already experience and remember that joy on Earth. So the answer if a thousandfold yes on many fronts at the same time.

So search for people with lust for life. If Earth feels heavy, if your life feels heavy - for whatever reason - then create a small oasis of joy because there is always something that can still make you happy. Create joy in your own house, create joy when you meet people in your spare time from own free will. Then you extend joy and then you create a community of joy before you know it. And if you experience this as joy and others with you, the joy expands and you will more and more attract people whom experience this as joy. Next, unity in joy will arise and no wild joy, no ecstatic joy, but inner joy. Inner joy is always the result of the fact that you yourself feel free to be who you are without others obstructing or limiting you to be that. So we would like to say: seek many occasions in 2015 that make you happy, where you experience joy. Visit people, invite people over who make you happy, apart from what the world around you looks like or how you experience the world around you.

Dear people, if you experience joy and a thrill on a regular base in your life, it will increase your immunity. Your lust for life is your unique code that can only be hacked by people who experience that as joy. You’re building an enormous energy field around you, so to speak, that shows your joy and neutralizes anything that is not a joy for you. Everybody will recognize this: at moments that you feel depressed, you see all sort of things that make you even more depressed, you get reactions and remarks that even confirm that. And at moments you sparkle from lust for life, it does not affect you. If you experience moments you’re touchy, that you, as Ellen likes to call it, experience flyswatter energy, that you can get troubled by a fly, so to speak, know that this is what you attract. We would like to advise people that when you experience this within yourself, accept it and crawl inside a bunker, so to speak, because before you know it, you will attract it from all directions. Only allow people inside your bunker who do not confirm this, who are powerful enough to be in their lust for life not to go along in your heaviness, then you can spend time in your bunker safely and crawl back outside once you experience lust for live again. Then you can serve people again who are depressed because you’re overflowing from lust for life and the depressed people do not affect you. You don’t have to change them but you can a light in a heavy dark period. Let this be a beautiful wish for 2015.

Universal immunity and Earthly immunity

I have a question about the immune system. Someone in my neighborhood has a severe immune disorder, which is treated with medication, while, in fact, that medication has the opposite effect, which makes you even more vulnerable for infections and more in that line and it only gets worse.

We are very happy with this question because the answer is: immunity systems have to answer to Universal immunity and Earthy immunity. If there’s an immunity disorder, and to come back to your question, if this immunity disorder is treated with Earthly means, the person will get more vulnerable for Universal bacteria and viruses. The only way to strengthen immunity effectively is to strengthen both fronts at the same time. Then the question is of course: how are you going to do that?
All medicines that focus on the physical body is Earthly immunity. But if a person is very energetically present, you will cause a major upset in the energetic house keeping of that person. What strengthens the one, weakens the other system. So you have two immunity systems: the physical and the energetic. Many allergies, many contaminations these days, have to do with energetic pollution, with energetic irritation. If you only strengthen your body, you do not take away the cause, but in fact you strengthen the imbalance. To get someone in balance and for him to have a rich, broad, strong immunity field, you have to start working at both fronts simultaneously. So the question is: who or what can accomplish that? We would say, do not abandon the medical world, since Earthy laws remain important, so find a balance between the two. If certain therapies or medicines are necessary for the physical body, always add a medicine that also brings the energetic body in balance.  But where do you find these energetic medicines then? That’s differs per person. These can only be found when you go see people you feel connected with, a connection on all fronts; where you have the feeling: “we speak the same language. This person truly listens to me, not only to my words but to all of me”. If that person can work with energy one way or another, this person can balance you energetically and the imbalance caused by the medication that serves your physical body can basically be neutralized immediately; if you are looking for hooking up, linking up with people you feel connected with. Here diplomas do not count. It’s an individual tuning-in that can only be felt.  Therefore there are no laws and rules. You have to experience this yourself and to try to be very honest.

So this is our advise: to all of you anyhow, taking care of your own immune system  - the two immune systems -  is very important in these times more and more imbalances come from unexpected, invisible angles. A sensitive person, who is used to listen, hear, see and feel energetically, might feel an upcoming thread without it being physically or visibly present because he himself is not physically or visibly present since it’s not noticeable with your physical senses.  Trust your energetic senses and be on guard. Navigate on Earth and across the world with your energetic senses, then you’ll be safe from  - energetic and physical, viruses and bacteria. Obey both laws. Universal laws cannot be clarified, cannot be explained but can be experienced and felt. Earthy laws are visible.

When you look at Earth  - and with Earth we mean anything Earth is; observe the reactions of animals. Observe plants. Observe anything unusual and you will recognize the signals when something is going on or headed our way. The old shamans knew more about the climate and about climate changes and all changes on Earth then many today’s meteorologists who are basically slaves to their equipment. Therefore they do not see themselves what is happening or what is changing. Many shamans, people who possess shaman qualities, are waking up or already awake. They will report themselves. They do not require equipment but can experience unexplainable changes that are taking place and warn people in time. But who will listen to this? That’s is only from your own free will. But do believe us: this will accelerate in 2015. More often people will start telling things out of the blue, being their truth and which they feel need to be told. Listen and if you find it appealing, do something with it but when it doesn’t, leave it alone but don’t judge it. Many messages will be headed your way. Quite a lot of people will get clairvoyants qualities, on the field of seeing and feeling, and will express anything based on that. This is all true. Choose whatever feeds you and let the rest feed others, without judgment.

Lines of evolution

Dear Oth, we experience some things as new but are very old at the same time; have yet always existed. In that line I would like to ask: do Earthy laws and Universal laws evolve as well or are they basically timeless?

Universal laws are, according to Earthy standards, timeless because time does not exist in the Universe, but a line of evolution, lines of evolutions do exist indeed. But they are intertwined. So in that sense, time does not exist, limits do not exist. Earthy laws do change. Nothing is new, nothing is old, but anything old can be reused. Anything that appears to be new is based on old sources. Subsequently many ideas appear to be new, but when you start to see clearly, you will realize old cultures were much better capable of perceiving an idea specifically and delivering it. Mankind will come to realize how poor it has become. So, you impoverish by using all possibilities of gathering information. Information impoverishes because humans spread recorded information. Old cultures were able to retrieve information from higher dimensions  - higher dimensions of truth -  that are based on broader context.

Look at your current systems. Again a climate summit was held. What inspired the climate summit? Do you really think the climate summit can change the climate? Are people, who can provide information about climate changes, allowed to speak? Or is only about economical interests and about scoring? True climate summits do exist but they are not covered in the media.  Believe us, there are many people on Earth  - more than you can presume -  who serve the Universe and serve Earth.  They too have a climate summit. They share ideas. Some of them are not physically but only energetically present. And some of them are only physically present. This may look like some hocus-pocus, appear scary, but is indeed the truth.  We would say: you can be less afraid of this than of the media climate summits where rules and laws are discussed that do not serve mankind and will not change the climate. So, learn not to be afraid of anything ethereal or invisible. Fear is a poor counselor. Be open-minded, listen and if it serves you, use it. If it doesn’t, leave it. But be open-minded to renewal. Come together, listen to what cannot be proved. Listen to what could maybe be very well possible. Very important: stop wanting to prove something. To prove is old school.

Let go of truths, let go of proof

Referring back to the question, the biggest renewal is maybe that Earthly laws cannot be proven. The moment you want to prove them, you limit what is there. There is always more. Something that will indeed happen, is that the wisdoms, the laws and ideas of old cultures will be reused again in a today’s redesign because the new age does not have a name yet. Old ages had names. Old cultures had names and there were indeed old cultures that were not known under a certain name.  Assume you do not know anything yet. Start gathering what you can find about old cultures. Let go of truths, let go of proof and start discovering and rediscovering like a child. The new age is about discovering and rediscovering.

Universal laws are not rediscoverable.  Still elements will be discovered. Bue due to the time difference, since Earth is connected and bound to time, it will never be in sync. The moment something is discovered, it is already passed, due to the enormous distance. You can learn from it but it does not fit in the time line. So do not try to explain it using Earthly concepts.  They are possible truths but at the moment that something is discovered in the Universe it can already be changed again during the time it needs to spread on Earth. And this counts for all truths.

Each truth is a truth of that moment. And if you want to maintain a truth, that’s ‘old age’. Try to adapt and to renew your truth constantly. Then you renew your truth according to the Earthy laws of that moment and to the ideas from the Universe that reach you at that moment. So try to realize new ideas and not to park them in long term planning. Allow yourself the freedom to navigate and to add new aspects, then you keep on renewing yourself and consequently you will get less tired.
Dear people, quite a lot food for thought. Do not take anything that is said for granted as a truth. Let anything that was said, be food for thought and make it your own truth.

We wish you all a very happy and renewing 2015.
And we are: Oth, Atha, Era, Allen en Ehma.


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